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Current Visual is a Berlin-based group of creative professionals, bound by friendship and a deep love of our craft. 


Brought together by the artistic culture for which this city is renowned, our mission is to empower those around us by doing what we do best – thinking deep, being creative, and crafting exceptional videos. 


Firmly rooted in the belief that the key to longevity is to provide value, we take pride in our ability to efficiently deliver results with seamless and enjoyable productions, ready to drive long-term business success.


With varying yet complimentary backgrounds, and a wealth of combined professional experience, we are adaptable and well suited for projects that require intimate care to achieve maximum results.


Ultimately, as artists we aim to improve our craft every day. The world of business allows us to achieve this in an impactful way, while providing us with the time and resources to meaningfully work on our own passion projects – ever stoking the creative flame within our hearts.

So when you go with Current Visual, you’re going with a team that’s guaranteed to share your investment and excitement towards creating stunningly effective, on-brand video solutions...

...It’s how we stay Current.

Our Team

Nick Scholey.png

Nick Scholey

Creative Director  |  Cinematographer  |  Editor 

Some may say he’s a workaholic, others may say he's enthralled by the passionate pursuit of creativity and craftsmanship. But those closest to him, only remind him to pause for rest – albeit briefly – earning him the nickname “GoToBedNickScholey”.


It seems he has always been this way. Nick graduated from the SAE Institute with 98%: at that time, the highest score ever achieved in their history. He went on to set up his own residential recording studio in the northeast of Scotland where he worked with musicians from all around the world, producing and engineering a wide variety of artists over a plethora of genres for the best part of 10 years. 


However, with the changing tides of the audio and music industry, his dormant passion for the visual realm of art increasingly resurfaced, soon culminating in his decision to follow a new career path - film making. He relocated to Berlin to work as a primary content creator for online learning platform (suitably named), and in his spare time refined his skills by making music videos for artists both in Berlin and internationally.


Since then, Nick has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working and most reliable film makers in the local scene today. From documentaries and TV shows, to commercials, music videos, event aftermovies, and more, Nick has continued to gain a broader set of skills as a DP, director, producer, editor, colourist, and VFX artist. Simply put, when he’s not working on film projects, he can be found working on film projects…

Nick North

Director  |  Video Editor  |  Animator  

Nick grew up constantly on the move. As each passing year introduced him to a new corner of Canada, he found stability through the art of digital animation. Before even picking up a camera, he had created over 1,000 videos which were widely viewed among niche communities on some of the earliest social media platforms. His first paycheck went immediately towards camera gear –  a trend that continues to this day – and since then he has gone on to direct numerous music videos for a variety of artists around the globe.  


Eventually Nick settled in Berlin, Germany, where he began to expand his professional horizons beyond the world of music. Understanding the power of professional video as a tool for businesses both small and large, he began working within a wider variety of industries, even going on to direct the production of fully accredited online programs recognized by the ISSA, AFAA, NASM, and CanFit Pro.


Now, Nick is running the show alongside longtime friend and collaborator, Austin Rossitter, and fellow director, Nick Scholey, at Current Visual. Here he continues to passionately go above and beyond, bringing his creative vision, technical knowledge, and keen eye for detail, to every project he undertakes – when he isn’t watching Kung Fu movies…

Nick North.png
Austin Rossitter.png

Austin Rossitter

Audio Recordist  |  Mixing Engineer  |  Marketing Director

Austin was born near Toronto, Canada and stayed there until he was 17. It was at this time that he began his journey as a full time creative, going on to co-found Chilean blues band Taste It, performing for some years across Europe and the Americas. He then went on to open his own studio space while studying at Metalworks, an audio engineering college in Toronto, where he graduated at the top of his class. He has produced and assisted in the creation of a number of albums, one of which was nominated for the prestigious Canadian Juno Awards. 


Alongside music and audio, Austin has experienced success in digital marketing, where he worked in a duo that multiplied their agency's revenue by more than 10X in less than a year. After some time, he decided to move on and use this newfound experience to consolidate all of his work with longtime friend and collaborator, Nick North. Austin continues to bring his technical expertise and business acumen to the table, now with Current Visual in Berlin – when he isn’t practicing guitar or playing MTG…

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